On the Fire of Nabra Hassanen Memorial

In the news there is a story (link below) about a fire at a memorial in Washington DC of Nabra Hassanen. The description of the individual is a 24 year old man, from South Carolina, and named Jonathan Solomon. This happened last night and I was just contacted by two individuals who will remain anonymous asking about this story. Last night I was working at the College of Charleston North Campus like I normally do on Monday through Thursday (5:30pm-9:00pm). For the record, I am not this Jonathan Solomon nor have I ever been to Washington DC. I would never act insensitive towards anyone because of faith or ethnicity. What happened was a crime and the correct Jonathan Solomon has, according to NY Daily News, been arrested. I want to apologize for any confusion over this matter. I did not know about this until just this evening when these two individuals contacted me but I thank them in order for me to clear the air and not spread rumors.




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