An Eye-Opening Experience

“It is tough getting older, but it is tougher to watch your parents get older” – My sister.

This weekend certainly didn’t go according to plan for my family. On Friday morning, I got a call from my sister about my father being admitted to the hospital for what appeared to be early symptoms of a heart attack. Thankfully, it wasn’t, but after an EKG, blood analysis, enzyme test, and a CT scan the doctors believed there was a blockage in an artery on the left side of the body. My dad caught it early, but to hear your parents tell you that there could have been a major event within 30 days, is terrifying.

My dad is okay and today he is going through the catheter procedure and possibly a stent. But I cannot help reflect on the saying that, “age is just a number.” Because I know eventually age is a reality and smacks you in the face with a problem.

There is no doubt that as humans, we continually take for granted the time that we have in life, and sometimes we forget that our age is a constant reminder that we only have a limited time on this Earth. Now that I am married and look at the world as an adult, I cannot but realize how old my immediate family members actually are. I still see my sister as the sarcastic middle and high schooler who I use to look up to as a kid, and I see my parents in their 40s and 50s who I admired and loved growing up. However, it comes as a shock at times to say or hear that my parents are both in their 60s now and my sister has just started her 30s. Personally, I will be 25 at the end of April, which to me is a bigger birthday than 18 or 21, because as a kid I believed that someone was truly an adult at 25. So knowing that I am nearing that point in my life, it makes me reflect on who I have become and what I am looking forward to for the next 25 years of hopefully long life.

Time is always our worst enemy, but this weekend made me realize that I have a responsibility to my family and my future generations, to be the healthiest that I can be. This wasn’t what I had initially planned for 2019, but I am thankful that my dad didn’t hesitate when he realized something wasn’t normal.

I personally want to thank those of you who have messaged, called, and commented on social media with prayers and thoughts for my family.

Update: My father is out of the hospital and is resting at home. Luckily there was no blockage. Rather than a blockage, the CT scan exaggerated calcium and he is of good health. Again, thank you to everyone who sent prayers, thoughts, and comments to me and my family.

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