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cropped-E331F93D-CC4B-4450-9130-71D8B00280A8.jpegIt is my belief that every individual has an unique story and a different perception of the world in which we live. Due to each person’s uniqueness, it is essential that they choose to tell it their own way; whether that be through art, tattoos, music, literature, blogging, or social media. One thing I want to do in my life is share my experiences and my journey of navigating life. I was born in April 1994, and this year (2018) has been the biggest year in terms of ‘growing up’ and maturing. From turning 24, to moving out of my parents for the first time, to marrying the woman who I believe is my soul mate, I have recognized that life can be filled with many joyous occasions in only a short amount of time; however, life also can throw you many challenges. Yet, I hold a certain belief that it is not the achievements of a person that fully identifies their character and integrity, but additionally how they respond to tough situations and rebound from their failures.

Although I am young, I have witnessed many situations and events throughout my life: Death of a loved one, death of friends, love, heartache, political arguments, marginalization and discrimination, Antisemitism, failure in school, failure in relationships, success in personal growth, and much more. Every hurdle and roadblock has led me to where I am now. It is now August of 2018, and I recognize that I have many years ahead of me, and I have a clear goal that I want to achieve. That goal is to help as many people as I can through policy, public administration, and politics. Yes, I said it, politics. My passion in life is not to be given handouts, rewards, or that much acknowledgment, but instead to help every single person in this nation and around the world through practical, pragmatic, and ethical policy decisions. I find that my purpose in life, is to be the best that I can be for myself, my family, and for others. As an Eagle Scout, I continually want to be faithful to the 12 points of the Scout Law, the Motto, the Slogan, and the three obligations of the Scout Oath: Duty to self, Duty to others, and Duty to God and Country. That is why I wish to write and administer policies that provide services to those in need of them, to solve the issues that humanity faces, and to ensure that the future is continually bright for the following generations to come. My intentions of achieving such a goal, are to be of service to others and to obtain as much knowledge on the issues, in order to ensure that there are ethical decisions being made at the top. But, to do this, I will need the knowledge of the issues and an in-depth understanding of how agencies, organizations, and governing bodies administer and write policy. That is why I have my eyes set on obtaining a Master’s in Public Administration and/or Policy, as well as, the possibility of a certificate in Conflict Resolution.

The road/path of life is not straight and sometimes not smooth. There are challenges that we face every day and challenges that shake us to our very core. Integrity, determination, patience, resolve, and empathy are the five qualities that help me get through those tough situations. My goal is not to be another politician who is just going to lie to constituents because they want the votes. I truly want to connect with people not as a representative or someone I debate with, but rather as a human-being who listens to stories and the struggles of others.

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  1. August 3, 2017 Denise Marie Fugo

    Dear Jonathan,
    Your website looks great!
    Thank you for engaging in this opportunity!
    Professor Fugo


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