New Year, New Attitude, New Me

My first post in over a year…No words can describe how nervous, excited, and unbelievably frightened I am about the year 2019. Last year, 2018, was a crazy and busy year. From turning 24 in April; moving out on my own in May; getting married in June; purchasing a second vehicle in December; last year […]

The Fight Over Control of American Education

Earlier this year, US News reported their findings for the 2017 State rankings in categories of Health Care, Education, Crime and Corrections, Infrastructure, Opportunity, Economy, and Government. South Carolina fell at number 45 on overall ranking and 50th in education. South Carolina, my birthplace, home, and state that I love; is now the worst state […]

To the College of Charleston Community

Over the past five years I have had the absolute privilege and honor to meet, be inspired, and work with some of the most hard working, altruistic, individuals. After five years of college, studying and applying my knowledge of politics, analysis, philosophy, law, policy, public administration and management, and economics I can fully attest to […]